June 16, 2018

New Subscriber Giveaway!

All subscribers have a chance to win prizes each giveaway cycle. Cycles end when all SR and SSR prizes have been won and claimed. All prizes Rare or better will be removed from the wheel when claimed, to improve odds of future spins. All new subscribers get one spin at the wheel. Existing subscribers will continue to get one additional spin on all future events as long as they are currently subscribed to HappiHentai's stream. Subscribers may receive additional spins at a rate of 1 per $2.22 donated while subscribed. Subscriber free spins will be given at a rate of 1 per $5.55 donated at any time during the stream. All other donation amounts will be considered spin-less donations and receive no bonus. Won items may be exchanged if another item of equal or lesser quality is preferred. In addition, 4 items of equal quality may be exchanged for any item of the next tier. Example: 4 R's may be exchanged for 1 SR of a users choice. Items claimed, but not received may be used in exchange for prizes in future events. Email communication is required for all exchanges or holds of items to prevent fraud. Once items are received they are no longer exchangeable, also known as bind on pick-up. Use of Valve's Steam Client is required for all digital games. An phsical address or PO Box is required to receieve all other items, no local pick-up is available. International shipping may require additional payment via Paypal or BTC if costs are excessive, I live in the United States. If there are any other questions feel free to leave a comment or ask Happi during the stream. The details of the current giveaway cycle are as follows:

Normal Prize 1 (N): Delicious! Pretty Girl Mahjong Solitaire (Steam Game)
Normal Prize 2 (N): Montaro (Steam Game)
Rare Prize 1 (R): Tricolour Lovestory (Steam Game)
Rare Prize 2 (R): Deep Space Waifu (Steam Game)
Super Rare Prize (SR): Lycee Overture TCG SR FOIL Artoria Pendragon Swimsuit Addition (4 Available)
Specialty Super Rare (SSR): Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World- Rem -or- Ram: Swimsuit Resin Figure (1 of Each Available)